SEO Title Card

Social Media SEO

The following are the questions I answered in my SEO class at Portland Community College.

“How do you think incorporating social media will affect how the landscape of search engines and of searching?”

Social Media already affects the search engine landscape. In my searches, I found social media links before I found website links. Linking a website to a social media account builds content authority.  

“Is the incorporation of personal preferences and profiles a good thing?”

It is good that personal preferences from profiles are incorporated into searches. It is beneficial that my tastes are taken into consideration for finding food, clothing, and products I want. I found a lot of great products by allowing my preferences to be used by social media sites.  

“How will this affect privacy and how people manage their social media accounts?”

It is important to understand that Social Media makes its money off metadata. It is also important to understand that content is not owned once it is used on a Social Media website. Our accounts should be considered “brand” accounts than personal accounts. Privacy on social media becomes an issue if a person doesn’t understand why their data is used.

Aced my final!

I passed my Beginning WordPress final with a 100%. This site (or the mirror site I used) was my final for the class. It met all the requirements for an A+ grade.

I learned more about WordPress than I thought I would. I did not know how to duplicate a website with the Duplicator plugin. The plugin will remain in my WP arsenal. I also learned to stick to the nature of WordPress… as a blogging platform; deviating from WP’s primary nature is confusing. I’ve also learned how to create social WP without BuddyPress.

I recommend to anyone interested in WordPress to take a college WordPress class. I also recommend WP classes through Portland Community College.