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Life in the Middle Ages and other things

I’m taking a big chance and releasing the last two comics of my ex-wife’s comic, Life in the Middle Ages. I need content for The Comix Scene. I wanted to get this out before I start another newspaper like comic strip, Bunny Foo Foo. To prep for Bunny Foo Foo, I’m experimenting with the Totally Naked Man the Webcomic. I’m taking the minor stories and adding color. I’m also reducing each page to 4 panels. Whatever 4 panels that will progress the story I’m using. That way, viewers will need to actually visit my site for the whole story. I have little regard for 3rd party sites to host my content… it benefits them and not me.

white printing paper with Marketing Strategy text

I hate sales

For my marketing class, I’m watching an episode of Frontline called The Persuaders. It’s basically about how marketing advertisement is over saturated in our culture. The show had me think about my own “marketing” efforts for my comic, or lack thereof.

Sales and Marketing is a dirty concept to me. Selling my work feels cheap and dishonest. My work is there if someone likes it. If someone doesn’t I’m still going to make comics. I do value my work and I believe it is worth something but I don’t want to make a dirty buck by hustling someone.

I do have a “tip” link on my comics. I think that is as far as I’ll go to market myself. My stuff is available on common platforms like Comixology an Amazon. Posting a link to them when they are available is what I am comfortable with. I have no interest in selling myself or my work to gain someone’s attention. I hate salespeople and I hate being harassed to buy something. I don’t want to harass others by trying to sell my comics.

Shinsuke Cover Inside Back

So Close…

I am almost done with Shinsuke Takahashi. This comic took me a year and a half to complete it. It’s only 27 pages!!!

I’ll do my best to get it print ready this weekend. I’m not sure when it’ll see print. It’ll be split up for Mythos Magazine. It’ll also be sold via Comixology. As a stand-alone comic… I am not sure. We’re looking at some local printers. We’re also thinking of using a place called Overnight Prints. If we go with Overnight, then the comic will be magazine size.

purple Freedom lighted freestanding letters on brown surface

Net Freedoms

When I was a kid I sang in a school music group. In front of a City Hall meeting, we sang a song called “Freedom isn’t Free.” I thought it meant a call to serve our country. 30 plus years later it means that some freedoms will become monetized.

I am not sure how the dismantling of Net Neutrality will affect publishing my comics online. I don’t know yet if I have to pay more for websites and how much I can afford to publish online. Time will tell. If I’d to base my opinion on my experience with Comcast, then I’m SOL. Our brave new world is pretty jacked up.

Here is a comic from Moonhead Press called God’s End.- http://moonheadpress.blogspot.com/2014/01/gods-end.html. I’m not feeling hopeful for the future today.

I just finished the next Schlub comic. My intent is to create a good size buffer before school starts up again. The Schlub will resume January 3rd.