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Answering prompts from Jetpack.

Alternate Universe

Describe your life in an alternate universe.

I actually write my stories based on a premise of me in an alternate universe. One of my old colleagues, Jim Wayne a.k.a. Citizen Prime, had a podcast about this concept. Jim wrote stories about Citizen Prime in another universe. Jim also played City of Heroes, as I did. I thought it was a novel concept.

When I retired as Zetaman and started to work on my stories, I wrote a Zetaman into Naked Man Comics. I wrote some of my experiences as Portland’s Real-Life Superhero in Naked Man Comics #5. A few years later, I explored Jim’s idea in Zetaman The Multiverse. Using Grant Morrison’s concept of 52 Earths, I wrote that there are 24 Earths in the local multiverse thread. 24 for 24 letters in the Greek alphabet. Each Earth has its own Zetman, as did our real-life Earth.

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