When I was a kid I sang in a school music group. In front of a City Hall meeting, we sang a song called “Freedom isn’t Free.” I thought it meant a call to serve our country. 30 plus years later it means that some freedoms will become monetized. I am not sure how the dismantling of Net Neutrality will affect publishing my comics online. I don't know yet if I have to pay more for websites and how much I can afford to publish online. Time will tell. If I’d to base my opinion on my experience with Comcast, then I’m SOL. Our brave new world is pretty jacked up. Here is a comic from Moonhead Press called God's End.- http://moonheadpress.blogspot.com/2014/01/gods-end.html. I'm not feeling hopeful for the future today. I just finished the next Schlub comic. My intent is to create a good size buffer before school starts up again. The Schlub will resume January 3rd.
I am done. I just finished my final for my technical writing class. This last term was brutal. I'll be lucky to get by with a C. I just have to remind myself... No one will ask my grade point average.
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. I'm not a writer but I want to practice writing for my comics and for the upcoming Mythos Magazine my friend Will and I are working on. George R. R. Martin blogs all the time; not that I'm even close to having any kind of writing skillz as Mr. Martin. My wife bought a new Kindle Fire. I took her old one, bought a used keyboard attachment, and turn it into a laptop for myself. I've installed a blog program called Habari to blog with. It's an older program and the last update was in 2016. I like it because its a blog program and cannot be used as a CMS. WordPress is awesome for website creation but I wanted a simple, no fuss, blog. I'm almost done with Rainbow Ninja a.k.a. Shinsuke Takahashi. I got two more pages to do final colors and then add all the text. I've started another issue of Naked Man Comics. This story centers around Antiman and Icarus. Lastly, I got page one of a new Totally Naked Man Webcomic story. It's based on Pokemon Go.

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