Doing this again

A few months ago I torn down paper. The site gathered news via Twitter hashtags and created a daily “newspaper”. I used Paper.Li to generate the content.

Two things happened that led its demise-

  1. The payment system changed to a China based company. My bank rejected the charges..
  2. I fought with a webcomic creator over it. It upset them that the site only posted links to content. They believed that the site did nothing to generate better SEO ratings. I argued that the more links to webcomics the better SEO score. They disagreed.

So I deleted my account.

Now I am again building the Comix Scene as webcomic hosting site. I have no expectations that it will grow. People needing free resources flock to popular domains that will assure them views. The FOMO is high with webcomic creators. It’ll be an interesting project. I’ll be using WordPress with Buddypress and bbPress plugins to build a community.

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