DC Comics revealed they've created a streaming service for their content at https://dcuniverse.com. Although I no longer buy the Big Two comics, I think this is a great evolutionary step for the publisher. WWE did it with their wrestling library content. CBS is doing a good job with it when they made Star Trek their exclusive content.
Some of my sites had a 403 forbidden error. I spent most of last night doing research on how to fix the issue. The blog that I read was complicated. Thankfully my hosting company was able to answer my questions IN PLAIN HUMAN ENGLISH! I think coders type out complicated answers to solutions on purpose to flaunt their knowledge. I hope that when I become a coder, I remember to keep my answers simple and concise.
Despite how chaotic the world is, I hope everyone remembers to try to be the best they can be. Don't make decisions based on hate and anger. Compassion and understanding is the most logical choice we all can make.

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