Another school shooting… and our politicians will do nothing. In general, American society is irresponsible with firearms. We can’t handle them. Therefore, they need to be taken away. Sorry but not sorry. We cannot be trusted to be responsible.
Today is a good day! I am feeling really positive. I don't blog about that enough. I got most of King-Web dismantled and reassigned. All that is left is to migrate Rose and figure out some wacky login issues. I am ready to start experimenting with new CMSs.
So, I got it in my mind to rearrange my hosting account and separate my installs by program type. This means a lot of reinstalls and rebuilds. This new install of Habari is the first in many.
So Trump is yet again caught in a lie. He's a crap individual who surrounds himself with rotten people. No one is going to do anything about it. Why are the people who can do something extremely ineffectual? All they are doing is pointing fingers. This sucks.

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