When the NRA and the Republican party uses the term “Gun Control,” they are using it as an attempt to belittle the issue. It’s a subversive method of changing the public’s perception. Of course, no one wants to be controlled. We’re controlled in every aspect of our lives. If the Republicans can claim our rights are being controlled, then people are going to rebel.

The issue is not gun control or gun rights. The issue is unstable people being given access to firearms.

At work, I have to take a yearly test to use a forklift. The state mandates that I have to tested and licensed to use an automobile. Why can’t we have a strict test for firearms? Firearms increase a person’s ability to kill someone else. I’ve never heard of someone taking out a movie theater with just a knife.

I want a gun test. I suspect most people who lobby for “gun rights” would be considered unstable to have a firearm.

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