My wife received an interesting response to a comment she made to Trump. The guy pointed out that my wife had only 63 followers in 7 years. Her retore was "Because all 10.3k of your followers are all personal friends who can attest to your worth. Got it." This is not the first time I've seen people use Twitter stats to devalue someone's post. I don't get it. The number of followers, likes, friends, etc., doesn't make a point false. Truth is not subjective to popular opinion. I guess this is an example of "Truthiness?" The more followers you have on social networks, the more right you are...? I don't get it. It's a dumb logic fallacy employed by people of low intellect and lacking reason.
When the NRA and the Republican party uses the term “Gun Control,” they are using it as an attempt to belittle the issue. It’s a subversive method of changing the public’s perception. Of course, no one wants to be controlled. We’re controlled in every aspect of our lives. If the Republicans can claim our rights are being controlled, then people are going to rebel. The issue is not gun control or gun rights. The issue is unstable people being given access to firearms. At work, I have to take a yearly test to use a forklift. The state mandates that I have to tested and licensed to use an automobile. Why can’t we have a strict test for firearms? Firearms increase a person’s ability to kill someone else. I’ve never heard of someone taking out a movie theater with just a knife. I want a gun test. I suspect most people who lobby for “gun rights” would be considered unstable to have a firearm.
For my marketing class, I’m watching an episode of Frontline called The Persuaders. It’s basically about how marketing advertisement is over saturated in our culture. The show had me think about my own “marketing” efforts for my comic, or lack thereof. Sales and Marketing is a dirty concept to me. Selling my work feels cheap and dishonest. My work is there if someone likes it. If someone doesn’t I’m still going to make comics. I do value my work and I believe it is worth something but I don’t want to make a dirty buck by hustling someone. I do have a “tip” link on my comics. I think that is as far as I’ll go to market myself. My stuff is available on common platforms like Comixology an Amazon. Posting a link to them when they are available is what I am comfortable with. I have no interest in selling myself or my work to gain someone’s attention. I hate salespeople and I hate being harassed to buy something. I don’t want to harass others by trying to sell my comics.

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