How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.

I’m not a writer but I want to practice writing for my comics and for the upcoming Mythos Magazine my friend Will and I are working on. George R. R. Martin blogs all the time; not that I’m even close to having any kind of writing skillz as Mr. Martin.

My wife bought a new Kindle Fire. I took her old one, bought a used keyboard attachment, and turn it into a laptop for myself. I’ve installed a blog program called Habari to blog with. It’s an older program and the last update was in 2016. I like it because its a blog program and cannot be used as a CMS. WordPress is awesome for website creation but I wanted a simple, no fuss, blog.

I’m almost done with Rainbow Ninja a.k.a. Shinsuke Takahashi. I got two more pages to do final colors and then add all the text. I’ve started another issue of Naked Man Comics. This story centers around Antiman and Icarus. Lastly, I got page one of a new Totally Naked Man Webcomic story. It’s based on Pokemon Go.

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